FSMods Restoration Project


OrphanedThese categories and mods were orphaned since their parents went missing. :(
CampaignsVarious user-made campaigns for the Freespace games.
Total ConversionsTotal Conversions made using FreeSpace.
ModelsPlease label your models as SCP or Retail in their descriptions.
Single MissionsStand-alone missions for FreeSpace.
MediaVarious videos/trailers/images related to Freespace or any mod that uses it.
MultiplayerVarious Multiplayer Files
MiscellaneousMiscellaneous files.
UtilitiesA place to find various Freespace-related utilities.
Volition Watch Archives - ArchiveAll of the modifications available from the Volition Watch Archives. This section is locked.
Non-Freespace Mods
Cosmo Tiger
FS2 Demo Ships and Weapons v1.0
GTF Draco
Joshua's RealFlight Mod for FS2 (SCP only) v1_2
Music by Daddy Warhol


VP EditorsUtilities for creating and editing VP files.
VariousUtilities that don't fit into the other categories.


Blue/Purple Energy Weapon Bitmap v1.0
Esarai's Missile Pack
FS2 Demo Weapons v1.0
GTVA Subspace Beam v1
HL-8 Pack
Heavy Fusion Mortar v1.2
Lightspeed's Weapon Effects v0.5a
Long Range Capital Ship Turrets
Spear v1.0
TAG-C Fix v1.0

VP Editors

Maja Express v0.85
VPView 32 v2.0 Beta 5
VPmake v1.6


3D Exploration v1.81
Blender 2.48 Collada Import/Export Script Files v0.3.159
Bright Texture Converter v1.83
Descent Manger Tools
Mission backups deletion script
PCS2 (Feb 19, 2011 build)
POF Constructor Suite v2.0.1
POF Constructor Suite v2.0.3
Truespace 3.2
Yet Another Launcher v0.1.3 (source)
Yet Another Launcher v3 rc2
jTBLEdit v0.1a


SCP CampaignsCampaigns that make use of SCP-Only features. The campaigns here make use of the Freespace Source Code Project.
Port and Conversion DependentThe campaigns here *REQUIRE* one of the various user-made total conversions and/or ports. They WILL NOT WORK without their respective TCs/Ports.
Descent Freespace: The Great WarCampaigns for the original Freespace.
Freespace 2Campaigns for the Retail version of Freespace 2.
Demos and Teasers
Older VersionsIf you are searching for an older version for a campaign, here is the place for it.

SCP Campaigns

158th Banshee Squadron: Exposition (7z Archive)
158th Banshee Squadron: Exposition (Windows Installer)
Aeos Affair - With Lightspeed Nebulae
Aeos Affair v2.0
Allied Worlds
Ancient Shivan War Act 1
AndromedaeR1 v0.1
BioWar parts 1 and 2
Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius - The Direcror's Cut
Blue Planet: War In Heaven Acts 1-3 [Complete Archive - Linux (Fedora 17 32bit/64bit)]
Blue Planet: War In Heaven Acts 1-3 [Complete Archive - Mac]
Blue Planet: War In Heaven Acts 1-3 [Complete Installer - Windows]
Boomerang v2.0
Burning Heaven v1.1
Casualties of War
Casualties of War 2 - Voice Acted
Casualties of War [Rebuild]
Cleaning Crew
Crossing the Styx
Dante Rising
Dawn of Sol: Full Version
Derelict SCP Edition
Descendants of Sol
Desperate Times
Desperation Chapter 1: Lost to the Fog
Desperation Chapter 2
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina: Interlude
Dusk Wars
Dusk Wars Act 1 (Dusk Wars Re-Release)
FOW: COTS Fix (High Max) v1.0
FSCRP - Deep Blood v1.0
Faces of Treason
Fall of Epsilon Pegasi
Flames of War - Coming of The Storm
Flames of War - Full - Including Isignias and Music
Flames of War 1 (campaign fixes by High Max) v1.0
Freespace 3 the search For bosch
Freespace Port v3.0.4
Ghost Revenants
Ghost Revenants v1.01
Great Tin Can Run
Incursion and Return to SOL (SCP edition)
Inferno R1 SCP Patch v1.15
Inferno Release 1
Inferno: Alliance
Into The Depths of Hell Chapter 5: Hammer Falls
Into The Depths of Hell | Chapters 1-4
Into the Halls of Valhalla
Into the Halls of Valhalla - Police Action
Just Another Day - Special Edition
Just Another Day 2 - Electric Boogaloo
Just Another Day 3: Shvans On A Plane
Lightning Marshal Release 1
Lightning Marshal Release 2
Lightning Marshal Release 3
Lightning Marshal Release 4
Luyten Civil War v1.1
Merkar Demo - Patched v1.1
Odin's Spear
Omicron Incident
Operation Savior
Operation Savior [RESTORED]
Operation Templar
Pandora's Box v2.0
Renegade Resurgence
Ridiculous v1.02
Rise of the Corporate - Complete
Secret of the Ancients v 1.3
Shadow Genesis Chapter 1 [Full Package]
Shivans! v0.2
Sol: A History
Sol: A History- Upgraded
Solar Wars
Special Ops Command
Stand Against The Night
Storm Front 1 and 2 - Full (Includes Storm Front Stock)
Storm Front I - Prophecy -Full (Root and Missions)
Storm Front II - Cthulhu - Full (Root and Missions)
Storm Front: Storm Chasers
Sync Restored v1.1
Sync with MediaVP support
Technical Superiority Episode 1
The Antagonist
The Apocalypse: Vega (English)
The Apocalypse: Vega (Polish)
The Centaur Project - Chapters 1 and 2 (FSO PATCH ONLY)
The Exodus v2.0
The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi v1.1
The Lost Ark
The Procyon Insurgency v1.03
Tides of Darkness
Titan Rebellion - FSCRP Release
Transcend v1.2
Trouble At Home
Uncharted Territory
Unholy Alliance Alpha v0.1
Vassago's Dirge
Warzone SCP (Beta version) vv2.3.2
Warzone v1.01
Warzone v2.0
Warzone v2.2
Wings of Dawn - Complete Package
[FSCRP] Fall of Epsilon Pegasi - Voice Acted
次元のエクリプス - Dimensional Eclipse v1.1

Port and Conversion Dependent

The Babylon Project
DiasporaMods dependent on Diaspora.
Wing Commander Saga


25th Year
Alliance Fights Back
Battle for Altair
Bem Cavalgar v1.0
Cardinal Spear
Dark Raji
Destiny of Peace
Duke Squad
Eagle Takes Flight v2.1
FSPort Complete Package v3.3
Freespace: The Great War Co-Op Mod v1.0 (Beta)
Hellgate Ikea
Infinite Dimension
Internal Conflicts: Episode 1
Light of Antares
Marduk's Shroud
New Beginnings
Nubian Conflict
Points of View
Rain on Ribos 4
Second Vasudan War
Shivans: Phantoms & Echo Gate
Shrouding the Light
Silent Threat: Reborn Core
Silent Threat: Reborn Voice
Special Ops
Start of the Terran-Vasudan War
The Counterstrike
The McCarthy Campaign
The Road to Victory
Vasudan Academy
Vasudan Imperium Demo v0.1
Wolfpack Legacy

The Babylon Project

B5-Star Fury Pilot
Dark Children
Drums of War - Complete Package (1-3)
Drums of War 1
Drums of War 2
Emearon Incident
Fortune Hunters 2260
Fortune Hunters 2261
In The Name of The Emperor
Operations Final
The Babylon Project Campaign Pack v1.0
The Babylon Project Campaign Pack v2.0 - Linux Friendly Archive
The Black Hand - First Steps Into the Abyss
The Earth Brakiri War - Windows
The Earth Brakiri War, Mac/Linux friendly archive
Xmas 2008 package to TBP FREDers v1.0
Zathras 2.0
Zathras R1 (Official Release)


Cylon gauntlet v0.1
Maruen Station v5

Wing Commander Saga

Behind Enemy Lines! v1.0

Descent Freespace: The Great War

A Chance for Vengeance
Black Horizon
Black Horizon - Episode 2
Dark Daunting
GTFS I - Splintered Arrow Demo
New Hope
Rising Star
Second Vasudan War (original)
Start of the Vasudan War
The Counterstrike (original)
The Great War- Second Wave
The Offensive
The Road to Victory (original)
The day we where even.
Underground Episode 1
Vasudan Academy (original)
War (original)
fsport_videmo v0.11

Freespace 2

Aeos Affair
All's Fair in Love and War
Allied Forces
Beyond The Cause
Deep Blood
Enemies United
FreeSpace 2 Demo
Independence Warriors Saga vFinal
Meditations Chapter 1 No Pain Patch
Meditations on the Abyss Chapter 1
Neo-Terra reality
Regulus Campaign
Return to Sol
Rise of the Corporate
Robotech Freespace 2 MOD
Rogue Intentions
Second Front v1.1
Second Great War Part II
Second Great War Part II REPACK v1.0
Shadows of Kraken
Sol: A History ( Original Campaign )
The Centaur Project - Chapters 1 and 2.
The Enemies Return
Trinity v1

Demos and Teasers

"The Ship of Tears" - Teaser (FSP)
A New Dawn Demo (SCP)
Alcibiades Gamble - Demo (SCP)
Blackwater Operations Demo - Repackage (SCP)
BtA: Mefistofele Release (Between the Ashes)
Civil War by Tane "ZeR0" Piper vV1.31 (FSP)
Evacuation of Alpha Draconis Demo v1.01
Final Destination Demo vv1.00
Neo-Terra Victorious - Demo (FS2)
Teeth of the Tiger, Intro v1.0 (SCP)
The Lost Generation DEMO v1.0 (SCP)
The Pirates of Yore Demo (SCP)
The mystery's within DEMO (SCP)
The mystery's within demo Version 1.2 (SCP)
Twist of Fate Demo - Including Hyperion Patch (FSP)
Vasudan Imperium Demp
Workings of the Warp- Prologue

Older Versions

Aftermath V1
Bunch of old campaigns for FreeSpace 1&2

Total Conversions

Freespace UniverseTotal Conversions within the Freespace Universe
Battlestar Galactica Universe
Wing Commander Saga
The Babylon ProjectBabylon Project Releases
Other enginesThe FreeSpace Universe in other game engines

Freespace Universe

Earth Defence Demo (Mac)
Earth Defence Demo Upgrade
Earth Defense Demo (Windows)
Freespace Port 3.2 - For Retail
Freespace Port 3.3 (Complete Package)

Battlestar Galactica Universe

Beyond the Red Line Demo - Linux
Beyond the Red Line Demo - Mac
Beyond the Red Line Demo - Windows
Beyond the Red Line Demo Patch - Windows v1.1
Diaspora Release 1 [Linux]
Diaspora Release 1 [Mac]
Diaspora Release 1 [Windows]

Wing Commander Saga

Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn [Windows Installer]

The Babylon Project

The Babylon Project - Final - Mac/Linux (Core VPs)
The Babylon Project 3.4b RC 2
The Babylon Project FINAL (Windows)
The Babylon Project v3.2

Other engines

FreeSpace: A New Age
FreeSpace: Fleet Command (Team Color OFF)
FreeSpace: Fleet Command (Team Color ON)
Homeworld: Blue Planet Demo


FightersFighters are generally used to take down other fighters or bombers.
BombersBombers are used to take down capital ships, installations, anything that a fighter can't touch.
Small Combat VesselsCombat ships between bomber and cruiser classes in size go here.
CruisersMore like real life destroyers, cruisers are generally used for escort or assault roles as they generally have more anti-fighter capability than they do anti-capital.
CorvettesAlmost like an upscaled cruiser, the corvette has a nice balance of anti-fighter and anti-capital capabilities.
FrigatesFrigates are usually around 1000 meters long and have stronger weapons than the corvette, almost like a pocket destroyer.
CarriersUsually destroyer-sized (though they can be bigger) with an emphasis on fighter and bomber carrying capability.
Super Destroyers
Large Combat VesselsLarge combat vessels that do not fit into the other categories.
JuggernautsIncludes juggernauts and any ship above the normal juggernaut size (such as Super Juggernauts)
UtilityIncludes but not limited to: transports, freighters, support ships, construction ships, medical ships, cargo containers, space liners, anything that is considered a 'utility ship'
InstallationsIncludes installations and sentry guns, since they are too immobile.
Model Packs/DumpsThis is where you put model packs or model dumps.
MiscellaneousIf your model doesn't fit into the other categories, put it here.


Bad Ulysses
Bek'Tah Interceptor
CCF Minsk
CCF Volkov
EAF Acheron
EAF Lethe
F Notus v1
FTF MiG (old UEF Lao Tze)
GTF Apollo (HTL) v1
GTF Apollo Prototype
GTF Ares Adv.
GTF Aurora HTL
GTF Autolycus
GTF Banshee v2.1
GTF Claymore
GTF Claymore v1
GTF Claymore v3
GTF Donar
GTF Durandal v1.00
GTF Durandal v1.1
GTF Ezechiel
GTF Ezechiel Retexture v1.0
GTF Falcon (HTL) v1.0
GTF Falcon v1.2
GTF Hercules Mark III
GTF Iapetus
GTF Icarus
GTF Kelpie
GTF Lethe (another one)
GTF Losna
GTF Maverick vAlpha
GTF Perseus Advanced (HTL) v1.2
GTF Pharaoh
GTF Phoenix
GTF Phoenix v1.4
GTF Svalin
GTF Valkyrie (with cockpit)
GTF Valkyrie Mk2 (upgrade) v1.0
GTF Ymir
GTVF Ierax vv1.0
GTxF Selkie
GVDr Scarab
GVF Anouke v1.0
GVF Heptu
GVF Heset
GVF Imset v1.0
GVF Khepri v1.0
GVF Reshef
GVF Saqqara
GVF Shrike
GVF Shu Mk II v1.1
GVF Shu re-texture v1.0
HEF Blizzard Fighter v2.0
HTL Mustang Alpha and Beta
HTL Shrike
HTL Thoth
HercIII Re-textured v1.0
Iron Hawk 2 Sunrider v?
Lizard Huntercraft
Lizard Killercraft
Lizard Swarmercraft
Lt. Ash's Apollo v1.1
Maverick (Beta)
NF Banshee vHTL
NF Larvae vHTL
PTF Kulas
PVF Nefertum v1.0
Pegasus II
Perseus Advanced (HTL) v1.4
Pyro-GX v1.2
SF Chimera vn+1
SF Naga
SF Scorpion
SF Serpent HTL v1
SF Succubus HTL v1
STVsF Nightwing v0.9
SsF Fireclaw v1.0
TF - 13 Kvasir Advanced Superiority Fighter v1.2
TF Electron v1.0
TF Gefjon
TF Ion
TF Proton
UTF Cherokee v1.0
UTF Comanche v1.0
UTF Seminole v1.0


Athena Mk2 v1.01
Bek'Tah Bomber
GTB Archangel
GTB Armageddon
GTB Athena Mk2 v1.02
GTB Azaes
GTB Berserker
GTB Claymore (htl) v1.01
GTB Gagana Revision 1
GTB Holler
GTB Kronus
GTB Medusa (High Poly) v1337
GTB Rhea
GTB Stheno
GTB Stheno - fixed
GTB Surt vFlan
GTB ThunderBolt v1.0
GTVB Chnubis
GVB Anhur
GVB Hesat
GVB Petbe
GVB Petbe vUpgraded
GVB Setep
HTL Medusa
HTL-PVB Amun v1.0
Nahema w/ two turrets
SB Durja v1
SB Vindhyachal
SB Yali
UTB Yurok v1.0
UTF Navajo v1.0

Small Combat Vessels

Custos-X [AI-useable version, release 2] v0.2
Enforcer v3
GTGb Preatorian
GTGs Antwerpen
GTGs Prominence
HTL Isis v1.0
High-poly Satyr v1.0
SGs Asura
SSP Chakra
UEC Custos


AI-Useable Custos-X, Work-in-Progress Release 1 v1.0
Aten Mk2 v1.2
FBC Torrent
GTC Agies v1.0 rc1
GTC Blackwidow v1.0 rc1
GTC Blade
GTC Boreas
GTC Cretheus v1
GTC Eris
GTC Garm vv1.0
GTC Hyperion (Low-Poly)
GTC Marauder v1.2
GTC Njord
GTC Odysseus vBeta
GTC Ticonderoga
GVC Asarte
GVC Aten MK2
GVC Mafdet
GVC Mekhet
GVC Naunet
GVC Newet
GVC Repten
GVC Tuket
GVC_Newet HTL Version
HC Defiler
Northampton Stealth Frigate
SC Lamia v1
SC Rictus


Askaeladian Corvette
Askaeladian Cruiser
BP: WiH Replacement Diomedes v1.0
GDCv Talon
GTCv Ajax (low poly)
GTCv Cobra v1.4
GTCv Neptune
GTCv Nike
GTCv Oberon
GTCv Oculus
GTCv Reyena
GVCv Mahal
GVCv Satyrs
GVCv Wepwawet
Hipoly Sobek v1
PTCv Baranec
SCv Bryn


AKCs Iliaster
Arpyia-class Frigate v1.0
Dimensional Eclipse Tethys Pack vDE
FTFg Tethis
GTAF Polaris
GTFg Cobra
KCSL Hecatos
Phoenix Rising


CCD Kiev
GTD Alexander
GTD Atropos v1
GTD Daegon v1.0
GTD Damocles
GTD Hecate Upgrade
GTD Henderson v1.0
GTD Orion (HTL, 3 versions) v1.4
GTD Orion Phase 2
GTD Orion Refit v1.0
GTD Raynor from Blue Planet
GTD Sirona
GTHD Orion Mk2 (HTL) v1.4
GVD Apophis
GVD Hathor
GVD Hedetet
GVD Hedetet Remake
GVD Pharaoh
HEC Typhoon
HLD Mefdef v1.02
HT&L Typhon vE
HTL Valhalla v1.0
HTL Valhalla v2.0
Icarus v01
NGTD Gaia v1.0
Orion MkII v1.1
Orion Refit Improment
S.D.F.1 vA


GTCa Canberra v1.0
GTCa Galaxy
GTCa Phoenix
GTCa Warlock (high poly) v1.1
GVCa Kabechet
GVCa Tanen
Hestia v1.0
TCS Vesuvius
TCa Sagittarius
Warlock Revision 1

Super Destroyers

GTD Hera (COMPLETE) v1.0
GTD Hera - Normal Maps vNormal Map
GTD Lucien
GTD Megaera
GTSD Anchorage
GTSD Bastion
SD Bhaal
SOC Galatea
SOC Galatea/GTCa Cabari
SSD Diablo

Large Combat Vessels

AKBc Azoth
Archangel MK2
EA Minos v1.0
GTBCR Tennyson
GTBs Moscow vFirst
GTD Ioa v1.0
GTDn Archangel vBeta 02
GTVBS Archangel v1
GTVBS Archangel v2


Amaterasu Update v1.0
GTVA Titan - Complete
GTVA colossus w/ 86 turrets
GVJ Khonsu v0.9
HEHc Hurricane V
HTL Sathanas (2048x2048) v2048x2048
HTL Sathanas (4096x4096) v4096x4096
SH Shiva v1.0
TSJ Amaterasu v1.0


Albanus Class Freighter
Armed Cargo
Bek'Tah Rearmcraft
GTDr 3301
GTDr Phidias
GTFr Chronos HTL for FS2
GTFr Demeter
GTFr Sizifus
GTFr Ulmo
GTL Majestic
GTL Splendid
GTMv Krom
GTSC Cyrene
GTSC Galileo II
GTSh Mercury
GTT Corsair
GTT Naxos
GTT Sesmu vReally old
GTT Star Rider
GTT Svalin
GVFr Satis Mark II
HTL Centaur
PATr Baracuda
SS Cosmic v2.0
SS Cosmic vV2.1
ST Xerxes
TAC 7 - cargo/sentry with flak turrets v1.0
TSC 1 v2.0
TSC1 v1.0
TTC 1 (rescaled) - for the Chronos & Poseidon v1.0
TVWP Gas Miners (GTG Bromios + PVG Oasis) v1.0


AKi Alkahest
Asteroid Installation
Asteroid Sentrys v1.0
BSSG Myrdin
Constellation-type civilian station
GTDk Acropolis
GTGS Safat v1.0
GTI Acheron
GTI Asteria
GTI Athens
GTI Atlantis v1
GTI Bretonia
GTI Chameleon
GTI Charon
GTI Europa
GTI Nareos
GTI Polaris
GTI Silex
GTI Whitehall
GTSG Gungnir
GTSG Gunstar
GVI Cairo v1
GVSG Ammut
Gas Refinery
HTL Mjolnir (forward-facing)
Jump Gate
Mjolnir w/ Dockpoint
SSG Annihilator
SSG Erebos
SSG GunRahu
Terran Jump Gate

Model Packs/Dumps

Aldo's 1st modeldump
Aldo's 3rd Modeldump
Aldo's 4th Modeldump
Aldo's 5th Modeldump
Apollo's Ship Pack v1.1
Axem's 1st dump
Axem's 2nd dump
Descent 3 Ships v1.0
Earth Defence Dump
Earth Defense Dump
Federal Fighter pack v3
High-polygon Arcadia
Inferno outtakes pack v1.0
KRS Model Pack vRah'L
Modular Construction Kit
Modular Construction Kit v1.2
Nightmare Shippack
Nx's modeldump
OTT Model Dump
Old TBP Model Dump - tomcat1974
Raven's Model Dump
Star Trek Model Pack
Starlancer Shippack v0.1
StratComm's Model Dump
Stratcomm's Fleet Pack
Stratcomm's Fleet Pack in Green!
Taristin's Model Dump
Upgunned Cruiser Maps
Upgunned Cruisers v0.1
c914's Lost Fleet


Ancient Debris
Cargo Platform
GTVA logo
Modeled Energy Cannon 1 v1.0
Orange Planet Skybox v1.0
SSG Somnath
Serious Sandwich
Shivan Anti-Capital Turret v1.0

Single Missions

Retail Freespace 2 MissionsThe missions here can be used with the retail version of Freespace 2.
SCP-OnlyAll missions here are SCP-Only. The will not work with retail Freespace.
Retail Freespace MissionsThe missions found here can be used with the retail versions of Freespace 1.

Retail Freespace 2 Missions

Easier (Original) Secrets Revealed v1.0
Freespace2 Bomb Testbench v1
NTD Victory Escape
Pirates 'R' Us v1
Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition single-player missions
The Best Laid Plans... v1.0


BoES cutscene (Beta) vBeta
Dunkerque v1.0
High Noon v1.11
High Noon v1.12
High Noon v2.0
Monsoon 0.2b
Nebula Combat Training v1.0
Subspace Combat Training v1.0
The End of War- Teaser v1.0
The Knights of Alrukabi v1.0
The Wall
The fight from the above
Their Finest Hour v1.0
Their Finest Hour v2.0
Their Finest Hour v2.1
TotT Submission

Retail Freespace Missions

Conflict at Taranova
Silent Threat Extras
Taranova 2: A Way Out


VideosUpload everything from trailers to in-game play here.
ImagesBest for image packs and background packs.
SoundVarious FreeSpace-related sound/music.


Blackwater Operations Trailer (Old | Pre-2001)
Descent Freespace: The Great War | Alpha Teasers
Freespace 1 Cutscenes - AVI
Freespace 1 Cutscenes - MVE
Freespace 1 Cutscenes - OGG
Freespace 2 Cutscenes - AVI
Freespace 2 Cutscenes - MVE
Freespace 2 Cutscenes - OGG
IceyJones' "Vasuda Toasting Cutscene" - Avi
IceyJones' "Vasuda Toasting Cutscene" - Ogg
Rogue Intentions II Trailer
Short Gameplay Trailer for Blue Planet: War In Heaven
Silent Threat Cutscenes


Hard Light Array Renders - All Images
System Backgrounds


Alien Flyby Noise
Beyond the Red Line - Six's Soundtrack
Blue Planet: War In Heaven OST [MP3]
Blue Planet: War In Heaven OST [OGG]
FS1 music to FS2 - FULL v0.9
FS1 music to FS2 - ONLY TABLE v0.9
FS2 Demo Sounds
High Quality Freespace 1 Music
Music v0.001
Silent Threat Music
Star Trek/Star Wars Replacement Sounds
Upgraded music .vp for FSPort v1.3




Multiplayer Mission Pack (Full)
NTD Victory Escape Multiplayer (Coop)
PXO-validated user missions for FSPort
The Shard Of Infinity - Ancients Gauntlet v1.0
Vega Blockade (Revised)
missions.zip v1.0


Multiplayer Voice Pack (Full)
Unofficial Update for FreespacePort 3.4 MediaVPS


Graphical Enhancements
Temporary UploadsIf you have a mod that is incomplete/in testing and you want to host it on fsmods, please put it here. ALL FILES MORE THAN 90 DAYS OLD ARE SUBJECT TO DELETION AT ANY TIME.

Graphical Enhancements

Bobboau's Beams
Colored Asteroids
Death-Black Shivans
Durandal's Yellow Nebulae v1.0
Durandal's Yellow Nebulae vFinal
Explosion Effect (including source .blend file) v1.0
FreespaceKing's FSPort Maps
LightSpeed's Nebulae Plus FS2 Stock Missions with Lightspeed Nebulae
Lightspeed's Nebulae
Milky Way skybox v1.0
MilkyWaySkybox v1.0
NicerNebulae v1
PVN_HUD.rar v0.5.2
PurplyPlanetsSkybox v1.0
Red Planets
Shivan Engines
Shivan Recolour Pack v1.0
Shivan Recolour Pack v1.0 - 3.6.10 edition v1.0
Shivan Recolour Packs V1.0 - 3.6.10 edition (animated) v1.0
Silver Beams
Stealth Ares
Super Shockwaves v1
Terran Engines
Upgraded Ancient Maps
Vasudan Engines


3.6.10 beam + missile trail patch by Aardwolf v1.0
6 Gun Pack
Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows - Minbari Project v.1.0 BETA
Battlestar style capship dump
Dreadful Shivans 2
Dual-layer global nebula skybox v08-04-18
FS1 1.06 Patch
FS1 EAX Patch
FS1 With SCP Enhancements
FS2 Demo D Ships v1.0
Fast mod v2.00
FreeSpace 2 Japanese Localization Pack
FreeSpace Fonts
FreeSpace Reference Bible
Freespace Cursor
Joshua's RealFlight Mod for FS Port v.11 vv.11
Joshua's RealFlight Mod for FS Port v.1_11B
Joshua's RealFlight Mod for FS2 (SCP only) v1_1
Joshua's RealFlight Mod for FS2 (SCP only) v1_2 vv1_2
Mav Carrier-Test v1.1
Mixael_Intro_Fix v1
Mouse cursor for FS interface v3.14159
Nukemod 06/2006
Official FS2 1.20 Patch
Shield for high-poly lucifer v1.0
The Lost Generation DUMP
Top Down Shooter
Top Down Shooter: Release 2!
Traduction Missions FR v1.2 FInal (French Translation for Interface and Tech Room}
TrashMan's Squadron Insigna Pack
Unique Files from FS2 Demo v1.01
Vasudan textures
Velocity Mod Release 2
Velocity Mod Release 3

Temporary Uploads

FS1 to FS2 Part 1 v1.0
FS1toFS2 part 2 v1.0 part2
FS1toFS2 part 3 v1.0 part 3
FS1toFS2 part 4 v1.0 part 4
Fighterbeam Hockey Test Mission v0.1
Fighterbeam Hockey Test Mission v0.2
Fighterbeam Hockey Test Mission v0.3
GTD Raynor reskin v1.0
Memories of the Great War (1-3) BETA-base
PVD Astarte for Shard Of Infinity vbugged
Patch for "Memories Of The Great War"-Open Beta vv1
Planet Landing mission vAlpha
SDU - "Jump Node Defense" v1 BETA
SDU - "Jump Node Defense" v3 BETA
SDU - "Jump Node Defense" vv2 BETA
Startrek planet models vbeta
The Exodus v1.0
The Test v1


Volition Watch Archives - Archive

FreeSpace 1Files for FreeSpace 1.
FreeSpace 2Files for FreeSpace 2.

FreeSpace 1

FreeSpace 2

Non-Freespace Mods



New Starshatter Executable
Starshatter Reborn [Effects]
Starshatter: The Gathering Storm v5.05