Ghost Revenants v1.01

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Author: Fisk

Story :
Many years after our last fight with the Shivans, everyone is at peace. Except pirates and rebel organisations. The life of a merchant is sometimes more boring than you could imagine.
You're XXXXXXX Xxxxx. You've found a way to live your life as you want, but the strange artifact you acquired recently is going to put you in bad situations.
You are the chosen one...

-New fighters : 20 new fighters (16 available for the player during the campaign).
-New capital ships : 1 cruiser, 1 corvette and 1 destroyer for each race.
-New weapons : 6 standard weapons and 1 special weapon for advanced fighters.
-A 5 Act campaing of 7-9 missions each.
-Skirmish missions (available through the Tech Room).

Author: griffon67

Misspellings, weird expressions and all other grammatical horrors have been resolved in version 1.01. Otherwise identical with the original release.

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