BtA: Mefistofele Release (Between the Ashes)

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Author: BtA Team


A small 2 mission demo from the Between the Ashes team. This is actually more like a prequel to BtA: Slaves of Chaos. You'll fly with local criminals and smugglers as they seek to make a simple profit, but they might have gotten in over their heads this time.

More information available here and on the wiki.

Team & Testers
MjnMixael - Project Lead
MatthTheGeek - Modpack Extraordinaire
IronBeer - OK Fine He'll FRED
RgaNoris - ???
Snail - Critical Critique
Slasher - Speed FRED
SDM - Testing, Grammar, & General Shenanigans

Admiral MS - Testing & Checkpoint Script <- SUPER THANKS
Bigchunk1 - Testing
Oddgrim - Testing

BtA Story Synopsis:

Between the Ashes tells the story of mankind after the Shivans have been defeated and the Lucifer destroyed. The stage is set by the GTI rebellion near the end of the Great War. Without a home, mankind wanders across the stars aimless and without purpose. Where do we go from here? Are the Shivans still out there? Who else might lurk in the universe seeking our destruction and how do we prepare? These are the questions everyone is asking.

The losses to the Shivans and the crippled state of the GTA from the Fourteen Year War has caused many to lose faith in a unified government. And the Hammer of Light has become a dangerous terrorist group, but to what end?

If you have performance issues, please download this pack and unpack it into your freespace2 folder. The VP should be placed in the same directory as the other BtA files.

Download (344 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 648