Dark Children

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Author: Vidmaster

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,51737.0.html

A word from the fredder:
Originally, it was a small idea about a FEATURE. Then I thought: Hey, make a campaign that features this FEATURE . I started doing the script and ended up with a trilogy. Next step was the fredding and I managed to create what I wanted with some help of FUBAR. And after countless breakdowns, psychic problems and cutting out two missions, it is finally here. And it was such a pain in the ass to make, that I won't do the other parts. This does not hurt the campaign, since there is almost no backstory and the sequels would just change the point of view.

Now what the hell is this?
You are looking at a very experimental mini-campaign. And you will probably dislike it. And you know what? WRITE WHY! I made this stuff to start a discussion about never-been-done before stuff. So if you don't like it, TELL EVERYONE!
Enjoy 40MB of killing sprees, blood shedding, living being murdering and domination of evil. Or not? Find out! And of course, I won't tell you more. Download and find out or not.

What NOT to expect:
A backstory. The Fortune Hunters. Good writing. A polished experience. Nonlinear stuff. B5 fans who know the show by heart will rejoice because of recreation of two big show battles (even if they are mostly BoE) but for the rest... ...well just kill everything that's hostile

What to expect:
Two easy and three very difficult missions. FULL VOICE ACTING! - done by the professional voice actors me, myself and me . Some new and innovative design concepts, like jumping into and out of Hyperspace during missions and of course the FEATURE

How to install:
Download and drop the .vp file in the TBP directory. The mini-campaign has been designed for use of the soon to be released 3.4b or IP's jumpeffect fix, but you do not need them to enjoy Dark Children.

Download (38 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1771