Merkar Demo - Patched v1.1

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Author: Mustang19


A patched edition of the Merkar Campaign Demo.


Copy everything to the appropriate folders. Create a new pilot and enjoy.

Ships from:

GTF Maverick by billy4kd
GTF Losna, Bektah Support and Bektah bomber by Taristin
A09 and A17 cargo, RLF Tigris and RLFr Margay by Kieve
GTFr Demeter, GTF Selkie, GVF Imset, GVF Anouke, GTB Chnubis and GTT Svalin by Aldo
GVT Sesmu by Vasudan Admiral
GTC Garm by ShadowGorrath, Esarai and Droid803
GTtca Canberra by Black Wolf
GTCa Hestia by Peter V
GTD Daegon by Esarai
GTGs Enforcer by MAW
GTB Azaes and GTF Autolycus by Flipside
Mining station and GTB Surt by TrashMan
Over The Top model dump

Download (65 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 554