[FSCRP] Fall of Epsilon Pegasi - Voice Acted

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Author: Various (see description)

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=79002.0

This campaign requires mediavps_3612 or higher.

"While the Aquitane battles Shivans in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis, the Epsilon Pegasi 6th Fleet must defend against the attacks of the Neo-Terran Front...

A 10-mission campaign for FreeSpace 2."


Quote from release thread:

'today i'd like to present you the highly enjoyable and sadly quite overlooked campaign "Fall of Epsilon Pegasi".
Originally done by legendary freder Blaise Russel in 2005 this gem has now been voice acted by me and some other brave souls.
I can only highly encourage everyone to play this one, i think you will enjoy it as much as i do
some roles are done through TTS voices still, of which one will be upgraded to a real actor in the near future, but this doesn't spoil the fun in the least, as they are so few that i could use my best voices only, and while of course not a as good as real actors, they are not bad

credit goes to:
Blaise Russel for doing the campaign in the first place, of course
Son of Orion, for doing some very immersive acting! beware alpha 3
Darkblade, for being just an awesome actor as Admiral Wilson!
rbxplayer 'Clive Scerri', for acting more than one char, and doing it great!
bigchunk1 for not liking TTS so much that he just had to voice one char himself
Black Wolf for showing that you can help very much even if you do only a few lines!
and in advance to Dekker for delaying the campaign for two months through sheer determination to participate in this campaign
oh, and myself i guess for voicing one char (ok-ish...) and organizing the whole thing'

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