Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius - The Direcror's Cut

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Author: BP Team



Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius - The Director's Cut

As the 14th Battlegroup, led by the GTD Orestes, prepares to lead the GTVA's return to Sol, young pilot Samuel Bei finds himself once more under his estranged father's command. As the two Beis grapple with the open wounds of an old tragedy, the greatest journey any human being has ever undertaken opens before them: a sojourn across universes and beyond death itself, as the destiny of the human race and the secrets of Shiva hang in the balance.

As Samuel Bei, you will guide your elite task force through a harrowing journey - a desperate flight through a nightmare of burnt rock, cold fire, and horrifying visions, drawn inexorably onwards by the pull of your own fate. Give up your humanity and your life to protect those you love in one of the most immersive, emotionally engaging FreeSpace stories ever told.

Original features

* New music - 3 entirely new tracks with full tabling and synchronisation, plus further tracks that are event-triggered
* New ships - To reflect the next generation of GTVA technology. There is also a new race to discover along the way.
* Storyline-based action - Telling a unique story set within the Freespace universe, with its own characters, life-changing events, setting and themes
* Custom communication ani's - Giving new faces to Command, characters and ships

Director's Cut Features

* Full voice acting from a talented semipro cast
* Brand new skyboxes by HerraTohtori
* Wingman personas for Corey and Taylor
* Nameplates for the 14th Battlegroup and other Terran ships
* Overhauled missions, including balance tweaks, skip buttons for long dialogue sequences, and re-directed cutscenes
* New and revamped effects and textures
* New HTL vishnan models courtesy of the Ancient-Shivan War team
* A brand new interface
* Dozens of new techroom entries, including all warship turrets and new Intelligence entries with secrets of the Shivans and the post-Capella GTVA - as well as portions of 'The Rift' and 'Project Nagari', previews for War in Heaven
* A truly epic credits screen: go check it out!
* Much, much more!


Make sure you have every item on this checklist before you begin playing:

* The latest MediaVPs and patch
* All VPs downloaded and placed in /blueplanet/
* 3.6.10 or 3.6.12 Inferno build (link below)
* Create a new pilot before playing the campaign

Blue Planet requires the MediaVPs. You need at least core, music, assets and effects, only advanced is optional. Ensure you have the latest version of mediavps (including patches if available) to avoid any issues. Get the latest mediavps here.

Blue Planet requires fs2_open Inferno-build 3.6.10 or newer. Get 3.6.10 Inferno here. Or get 3.6.12 RC1 Inferno here. Blue Planet team recommends fs2_open 3.6.12 RC1 or higher because many bugs have been fixed since 3.6.10.

Download (378 MB)

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