EAF Lethe

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Author: LtNarol

The Lethe is an aerospace superiority fighter, created originally for NASA to train its astronauts for a variety of missions. Currently the most sophisticated combat craft in the field, the Lethe features two primary gun banks with two mounts each and two missile ports, added after the fighter’s conversion into a military vehicle. Its advanced power generator and power distribution system allow the Lethe to pipe more power into its wingtip guns than would normally be possible, easily doubling the firepower of the Lethe's first gunbank. Versatile in speed, maneuverability, and ruggedness, it can perform any task in excellent standing, be it intercepting enemy bombers and their payloads or strafing enemy positions on the ground. These fighters form the backbone of the EA navy.

This package also includes the headlight bitmap for the model.

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