Tides of Darkness

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Author: Droid803

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,60136.0.html

The Sathanas fleet has been trapped in Gamma Draconis and Capella for years, cut off from the rest of the Shivans by the sudden collapse of the nebula node. As a radical anti-terran cult make their move, the exiled Terrans that escaped death and joined the Shivans after fleeing to Gamma Draconis are pulled along into the conflict.

What you need to know about this campaign:

- MediaVPs are required. I'm sorry, I couldn't make the new ships (which use MVPs textures) work without them. Use MediaVPs 3.6.10. MV_Complete, preferably.
- By extension of that, FSO 3.6.10 is also required. Any nightly build that supports 3.6.10 MVPs should work.
- You fly Shivan fighters but you are not playing as a Shivan.
- There will be a second chapter most likely, but I haven't started on it yet, so don't expect it anytime soon (sorry!)
- I don't know how much abuse the bandwidth on the current host can take. It'd be appreciated if people mirrored it on FSmods and SectorGame.
- Yes, it has been tested.
- This is my first campaign release. Please don't kill me.

Download (65 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1799