Aeos Affair v2.0

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Author: Admiral Nelson


Aeos research base is located on a frozen planet in the Altair system. As
you know, Altair is about as far away from the front lines of the war as
you can get. We have no significant military presence here. All of our
fighting ships are on the front or elsewhere where they are needed more.
We have only a token force of patrol fighters and various civilian support
ships. But that's alright with us. Nothing ever happens out here.

Elsewhere, the war is going well. The NTF has been defeated. The Shivans
are threatening Capella, but the Colossus is on station there. There are
rumors of a massive Shivan invasion force looming beyond GTVA system, but
rumors are a dime a dozen in this place. We expect to continue our work
here in peace.

Aeos seems to be an abandoned Ancient outpost. The Ancients must have
left this planet in a hurry. There are miles of tunnels and chambers here.
There are many artifacts here. They all seem to be in disarray. Some are
damaged. Others look as if they were simply dropped and left where they
fell. We have a goldmine here, but it will take years to discover what
secrets are held by this frozen rubble. But time is one thing we have lots

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