Fortune Hunters 2260

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Author: Vidmaster


2.) REMOVE ANY PREVIOUS FH RELEASES, the first installment is included here.

When empires rise and fall, alliances are forged and broken, wars are won and lost, the universe gives birth to its greatest heroes and myths. Some become legendary for centuries, while other ones vanish in the sands of time, buried and forgotten. And during the chaos in which the Interstellar Alliance was born, many people fought and died for the cause, some from the most unlikely places...

Features: (same concept as FH2259)
- action-packed trip through exotic canon places in the B5 universe
- immersing storyline and writing
- MAJOR battles

Install as usual, just put the vp in your TBP folder. And remove the old FH in case!

Known issues:
- game crashes right away => I SAID USE THE INF BUILD! That's a independent program in your TBP folder
- the nameplates of the EA Omegas and the green gas giant near Liberty Port are not displayed in the current version of TBP. The next update (and hopefully final release ) removes this issue
- the game sometimes crashes in Mission 8. => That issue is known. The reason not. Sorry.

Have fun - Vidmaster

Download (6 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1963