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Author: --Steve-O-

From Readme:

FOR SCP 3.6.9

((( Requires either lightspeed weapon effects pack or MV_effects for some of the weapons, i tried to include as many as i could find. either that or you can change the weapon effects in the table

if they prove to be a problem )))

Weapons use either custom home grown effects, Lightspeeds and some of Trashmans weapons effects, effects from nukemod, TBP and MV-Effects

fighter textures for the most part are hand made by me but also use some cut and past from trashman's, scooby doo's and nuke's textures. color schemes were inspired by scoobys work.

Model animation was made possible by studying the hell out of Nukes Models. the sounds i have collected from all over and heavily modified. i cant remember where i found a few of them props to the mystery people!

none of this would be possible with out the help from all the folks on the HLP Forums and of course the Wiki.

Folders are named after where the contents go, just move the contents to their appropriate folders. pretty easy

weapon POFs go in with all the other POFS, as well as the texture maps.

the sounds table as well as muzzel flash and weapon explosions contain new material im using in my mod, you can use the table or

yank out the entries and plug them into your current working table setup. sound table entries use the open slots indexed from 160 to 172. some sounds actually replace standard sounds and ones not widely used (if at all), in the game.

I'm pretty sure everything you need is in here...if not you can either replace the effects and such with your own, or let me know and i can

update this thing.

Download (25 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 772