< Freespace 2

Author: Blaise Russel


Status: Released in 2003

Mods: None

Missions: 37

2355! Terrans and Vasudans alike have begun to shrug off the horrors of the Great War of twenty years ago, and started rebuilding their lives and homes alike. While Vasuda Prime remains a charred, uninhabitable reminder of the power of the Shivans, and contact has yet to be re-established with Sol... nevertheless, the newly formed Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance hurls itself into the void with no fear...

Yet while the GTVA colonises and settles and organises the bright, new age of Reconstruction that has dawned on humanity, life for the average soul could not be more different. Their lives, unlike wheeling-and-dealing politicians or gung-ho GTVA pilots, consist of the drudgery of day-to-day work - yes, even for mercenaries, pilots-for-hire guarding traders from the ever-present threat of piracy.

You are one such mercenary, but your life certainly won't consist of boring daily routine...

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