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Author: Cold Element/FSCRP


Years of GTI experiments....
A rogue Colonel.....
An innocent fledgling colony on the edge of space....

GTA Command desperately attempts to contain the plague in the Epsilon Pegasi system. A quarantine is placed upon the system and the pilots onboard the GTI special operations destroyer GTD Ark Royal are tasked with keeping the quarantine... at all costs.
Original FreeSpace 1 Campaign by Cold Element


Cold Element team
IceFire - Lead Designer
WildWolf - Designer
Plasma - Editor, Tester
Zeus Legion - Editor
Coj (Ed Finkler) - Briefing Music Composer
Ace - Tester
Orange - Tester

Converted to use the FSPort and upgraded to use the SCP Enhancements.

FSCRP team
Admiral Nelson - Tester, fredding, backgrounds, nameplates, Shivan weapons
Mobius - tester, fredding, tracking progress
macfie - Conversion of Aftermath from FS1 to FSPort, Tester, fredding
SF-Junky - Tester, Troubleshooting, fredding
lostllama - Tester, Grammar check
rbxplayer - Tester
Rhymes_With_PSYCHO - Tester


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