Great Tin Can Run

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Author: yuezhi

The year is 2366. The reconstruction era is about to come to an end and anti-vasudan sentiment is reaching its peak. Polaris is ready to erupt in revolution, but many systems and nodes away, a small team of pilots and cruisers handpicked by Admiral Aken Bosch himself are on a mission of great importance that could shift the tide of the coming war in favour of the rebellion.
Only two weeks away from the actual rebellion of Polaris starting, the team are not in hot water but they will soon be neck deep in enemy territory, watched at every angle by an enemy who is just as familiar with war as they are.


This is the first campaign i've ever made so i'm willing to believe there are a lot of fredding mistakes that i overlooked. Constructive criticism is welcome and please keep it at that.Note:
For anyone suffering from lag due to an unbearable amount of objects, feel free to remove the mod.ini, but be prepared to look at the vast emptiness of space; from personal experience, there will be no backgrounds without mediavps.
The command briefing animations may feature a high-texture GTVA logo. It may be caused by mjn.mixael's fs2 command briefing anims which for some reason overwrite some files when used. to view it properly for the moment, remove the CB_ANI_VP from mediavps. Otherwise, it will look out of place.

revised version includes:
--reworked escort missions to save your time
--topace's bugfixes
--new landing SEXPS
--minor grammar corrections
--lots of brand new nameplates
--NTF interface by galemp used in crossing the styx by FSF

Download (14 MB)

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