Casualties of War 2 - Voice Acted

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Author: CoW Team

Staff: StratComm, Nuclear1, ShadowWolf_IH, and Trashman

6 months after the Upuaat incident Deep in a nebula, a large deposit of ice has been found. Simple water, one of the hardest items to come by in space. Asteroids within nebula are almost 100 % pure water, and this find, if seen through to fuition, could conceivably yield 100's of trillions of barrels worth of water. These asteroids are simply chunks of ice floating in a nebula that until now has had little worth, strategically, tactically, or economically. Due to the little value placed on the system, ownership has never quite been established, and the area has been known as a free zone.

Two days after the find, a planetary governor for a neighboring system dies, his successor has already been appointed. However others quickly step up to fill the power vaccuum, including 1 person with popular support as well as military, and another who was responsible for economic growth within said system. 3 days after the premier dies, our military friend steps up and perform a coupe de etat on the rightful new premier and siezes all assets. He also sends the local military forces into the nebula and assumes control of the ice.

3 large corporations also have an investment within this system, and send mercenaries in.

this system of little value has suddenly become a hotbed of activity with far reaching ramifications, and the GTVA is forced to react, sending in the SOC.

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