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Author: Redstreblo

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,52342.0.html

From release thread:

I have had Freespace for a long time. I would just mess around in FRED 2 making crazy missions, just to see what would happen. Such as pitting a Colossus against a whole fleet of enemy ships to see how long it would last, stupid missions like that. I wouldn't put in a story line, briefing, or anything, I would just put the ships there and beam free them.

Last Saturday (February 16, 2008) I got tired of that and finally got interested in actually making a mission with a story line.

Because this is my first mission, I wanted to get into all the aspects of FRED that I hadn't touched on yet. Briefings, Debriefings, Docking, Waypoints, mission objectives, directives, and custom messages. This mission started out simple enough, I put in an Orion class destroyer, and some fighters and bombers. and eventually I just built on that to make the mission that I give you now.

I tested it over and over, along with my brother, and I believe that I have removed all the bugs. If you find one please inform me!

It is a single player mission, but I made it into a multiplayer co-op mission as well. (Just by saving it under a different name - NTD Victory Escape - Multi - and went into the mission specs and made it multiplayer with 10 lives. Then I put in more player ships)

*fix: now with backgrounds!
-Thanks Mad Bomber

I would like to know what you think!


Multiplayer coop version available here.

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Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1111