Warzone v1.01

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Author: IceFire

In the midst of another Shivan invasion of the GTVA home systems a mystery begins to unravel itself, and the implications may have a lasting effect on the longevity of the Alliance.
Join the GTD Warlock's crew as they try and unravel a mystery and defend the GTVA from its enemies.

Version 1.01 of Warzone fixes several small bugs in the missions and campaign file. Here is whats been fixed:

1. Mission E1M1 - The Disen was not always destroyed, especially on very easy modes. A new event will ensure that the ship is destroyed.

2. Mission E3M2 - Two bugs were present in this mission. First, Terran craft were selectable under the ship selection screen. This has now been fixed and Vasudan craft are available only. A campaign file mixup prevented the player from continuing in the campaign until the bonus objective was satisfied. This has been fixed.

3. Mission E3M7 - The final mission had a buggy objective and prevented the campaign from being winnable. Also, some minor errors in code for the credits has been fixed.

Warzone Version 1.01
By IceFire

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