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Author: MAW


Released: February 2007

Number of Missions: 20

Designed for: Freespace 2 Retail

This is the sequel to the Incursion campaign, also available on this website.


Nine years after Capella is destroyed, the Shivan menace resurfaces. But where are they coming from? Even if the GTVA discovers the Shivans source of origin, can they be stopped?

This campaign follows the missions of a new graduated GTVA fighter pilot, expecting little more than confronting pirates in his career. But when the Shivans appear in greater force than ever, the GTVA must throw everything they have at them to survive. Advances in technology and ships may help, but nothing is certain when dealing with the vast Shivan threat.

Some of the pressing questions about the Shivans and their purposes are finally answered in this campaign as well.

You can download a copy of the Incursion campaign. It is designed for Freespace 2 retail, so it does not require FS2 Open. However, it has been tested to work with FS2_open 3.6.9. Please read and follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file for the campaign to work.

Download (3 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 2474