Independence Warriors Saga vFinal

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Author: Deepstar

This is a post-capella campaign by Silent Warrior released in 2000.
This version of Independence Warriors includes the monolog-, sound- and music-addons aswell.

I found it on an old CD.

The campaign has 29 missions and all five campaigns &quot;Sirius Crusade&quot;, &quot;Deneb Crusade&quot;, &quot;Antares Desperados&quot;, &quot;Vasuda Showdown&quot; and &quot;Ribos Finale&quot; are merged in one campaign file.

This campaign should work with SCP, too.

The Shivans are stopped, but attacks still occur in some systems around Capella. A fleet is sent to wipe out the attackers. But nothing is as it seems...

Download (22 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1315