Inferno Release 1

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Author: Inferno Team


Released in July 2003, Inferno Release 1 became more popular than the INF team could imagine. With over 20000 downloads across the internet, R1 continues to be one of the most popular FS2 mods.

Release 1 covers the battle for Sol and the return of the GTVAs nemesis, the Shivans. Release 1 is designed to work as a mod for retail FS2 and so requires a full copy of FS2 to work. SCP users can also download the patch to fix the known issues with normal SCP builds. (This version should work, if not, you can get the patch here.

The Inferno campaign continues many decades after the events in FS2. A massive mod with 140 new models ranging from the smallest of fighters to the largest capital ships ever seen in FS2 so far.

14 missions set during the war with Sol
1 new species
Unique weapons for each species
140 new models from Fighters to Juggernaughts
Some of the largest warships ever constructed
A new batch of deadly weapons

Download (135 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 5368