Starlancer Shippack v0.1

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Author: Krevett62

Conversion of some Starlancer ships for Freespace open. Includes all coalition and alliance fighters, the hades/kamov bombers, the prowler, the kurgen, and 6 capships (reliant, bremen, zakov, kiev, krasnaya, pukov). Just unrar the archive to your FS2 open main directory and select Starlancer folder as a mod with your launcher. Of course there's no mission done so the ships will only appear in tech database and in FRED for you to build mission. Note that paths for capships fighterbays are missing, but you can still build and play mission with these ships ;)
Included a small script to make basilisk behavior as in the original starlancer game, and for the mine model included (mines will explode when any friendly ship comes within 100m)

Download (7 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 270