GTCa Warlock (high poly) v1.1

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Author: Galemp


&quot;The Warlock supercarrier is the largest GTVA warship since the Colossus. Able to carry and launch hundreds of fighter and bomber wings, its extensive capabilities are all based around providing a centralised, secure command and control facility for fleet-wide operations. Heavily armed and armored, the Warlock is well-defended by its own extensive flak and beam arrays, and a formidable forward array of super-heavy beam cannons. Each Warlock is considered to be the centre of its attending fleet.&quot;

This is a high-poly update of the Inferno R1 Warlock-class Terran supercarrier, courtesy of the Scroll of Atankharzim staff. Credits are Aldo for the original low-poly model, Moonred for the mesh, Hades for optimization, FreeSpaceFreak for UVmapping, and Galemp for texturing.

Download (14 MB)

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