Blue Planet: War In Heaven Acts 1-3 [Complete Archive - Mac]

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Author: Blue Planet Team


"That means we did it! We're home..."
" under the direct jurisdiction and authority of the GTVA, as per the Beta Aquilae Convention, 2385..."
"...don't you understand? They are not going to listen. They are not going to talk. They are going to burn us to ashes and build something new from the char..."
"...every time we pull the trigger we are destroying ourselves as surely as they destroy us..."
"...last remnants of mankind's collective past. Guardians of our collective future..."


And presenting Act 3

We owe this community an enormous debt, and we are tremendously grateful to all of you for your help, support, and advice. Blue Planet is a labor of love, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed building it. We owe special thanks to our fellow modders and to the Source Code Project and FreeSpace Upgrade Project teams for their patience and generosity.

Unlike Age of Aquarius, War in Heaven is not voice-acted and probably will not be for a very, very long time. Voice-acting takes a lot of effort, patience and time. Fortunately, community volunteers have stepped up, and voice work is now underway.


Check readme for details.

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Downloads on the old fsmods site: 586