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Author: Oddgrim

Special thanks to Mjnmixael for bugtesting!

"The Newet class saw its beginnings shortly after the outbreak of the NTF Rebellion in 2366, impressed by the combat effectiveness of the GVC Aeouls class in the conflict and reconzing the need for a compact flak platform equivalent, Vasudan Command comissoned Akheton Corporation and RNI Shipyards to construct a cruiser of simlar function. RNI would supply the weapons systems and their signature smoothbarreled Slug Flak cannon platforms. While Akheton would be resposible for proving the main design and construction."

Origin of name:
Nut spelled Nuit or Newet) was the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of Egyptian mythology. She was seen as a star-covered nude human arching over the earth

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