The Antagonist

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Author: bigchunk1


From release thread:


Thanks to everyone who helped out in making 'The Antagonist' a reality. This mod absolutely would not have been possible without the FSO community who got me invested in such a project.

If you would like a small preview, you can read the announcement thread.

Dedicated to The_E

To install 'The Antagonist' you need to do the following:
1. Ensure you have FSO installed with a recent nightly (7877 or later) and up to date launcher!
2. Ensure you have mediavps_3612
3. Create a new folder in your freespace2 root directory titled 'The Antagonist' and unpack the .7z file into that folder.
4. Run the mod by opening the launcher and selecting 'The Antagonist' folder under the mod tab.
5. Play the mod with a new pilot. Do not use the same pilot you used to play retail!

Important: This mod WILL NOT run on 3.6.12! You should try to play this mod on a recent nightly (Oldest compatible build is: 7877)

Please select 'The Antagonist' campaign in the campaign room before clicking 'Start' in the main menu. The main freespace2 campaign is NOT playable with the mod files.

Download (188 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 467