Dusk Wars

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Author: BTA

Website: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=79564.0

You are a Initiate for the Bal'ran Imperial Navy. A military division for the galaxy's second most powerful sentient species. However, who is the first? Near the end of a small uprising from a local heretic church in the 61-Cygni system the one most threat to all sentient life arises. The Anshari Empire has begun its invasion of the Bal'ra Empire. As a member of the Imperial Navy you must watch as your fellow Acolytes perish to a much more advanced enemy. Will you become the key to the survival of your species. Or will you die like the rest of them. The choice is yours. Dusk is upon the children of the galaxy. None will see the light of day.


3.6.14 RC1
3.6.12 Media VPs
A Copy of Freespace 2

Installation Instructions not included! So they shall be posted here!

Extract the folder itself (not the contents) to your Freespace 2 Directory
Make sure the mod.ini matches your mediavp directory
Enable the mod via launcher. Note if the mod fails to load, try the manual method.
Run Freespace 2 Open and Enjoy!


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Download (290 MB)

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