Shivan Anti-Capital Turret v1.0

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Author: Headdie


Shivan Anti-capital sentry with 4 beam emitters and no fighter defences. High probability that capships can be fired upon from at lease 3 of the turrets with many angles offering all 4. As supplied the sentry is 120x120x62 meters in game and flagged as a cruiser rather than a sentry in order to stop FS2 falling over when arming it with a big ship flagged weapon

texturing consists of a AO bake and is not too bad looking in game but would benefit from someone with some texturing skills to add some details, normal, shine and glow maps.

The turret is poffed with LOD 0 and 1 included and fully tabled with no errors reported in 3.6.14 RC1 Debug

Original development resources are also included in the form of the original blender file, dae export, obj export and texture files.

have fun

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