GTDr Phidias

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Author: mjn.mixael

The drone featured in the Colossus cutscene, as modelled by mjn.mixael.

Tech-room entry:

Officially designated the Phidias by the GTA, this service craft has been in service since early years of space exploration before the formation of the GTA. The success and the historical importance of the Phidias is well-founded. It was the first ship designed to construct complex designs in space. Prior to the deployment of the Phidias, all spacecrafts were constructed on Earth and then launched into space, but this became impractical and prohibitively expensive. Engineers, scientists, and corporations took part in the design of the Phidias in order to maximize efficiency and versatility. Initially, the Phidias were manually operated, but technological advancements have gradually replaced those with the more-modular and cost-effective drone variants in the core systems. As a result, the Phidias became the most widely distributed spacecraft in the GTA. Because of the large number of contractors and variations, the Phidias has many brands depending on the owner. No other equipment has been able to compete against the Phidias successfully. ~ Thanks to SDM for this.

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