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Author: PeterV

Triton Dynamics and the Akheton Corporation collaborated on the Hesat light bomber design in response to an urgent requirement from Vasudan Tactical Command for a light bomber to supplement the Bakha. Although the initial requirement was for a purely Vasudan craft, Triton offered to assist with the design in the hope of widening deployment to both halves of the Alliance fleet. The initial approach, based on reusing Bakha components, was scrapped after toothing issues, and it was not until the Sahr Corporation sold a new reactor baffling system to Akheton that the final hull began to take shape. A remarkable Sahr-assisted Akh-18 powerplant provides the Hesat with both excellent speed and strong shielding, placing the design firmly in the light tactical bomber niche and rendering it a pilot favorite. By contrast, it is ill-equipped for the fleet bomber role because of limited warhead capacity, and it is commonly deployed with Hornet or Tornado missiles for increased tactical lifespan against light targets. Vasudan Tactical Command placed its initial order for the Hesat on its strengths as a raider and precision strike craft, but Triton Dynamics could not make a sale to the Terran elements of the fleet until it reengineered the design into a two-seater variant. The Hesat performs well on paper, but whether it can thrive in the difficult and crowded tactical bomber niche remains to be seen.

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