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Author: Michael 'BlueFlames' Ashworth


In 2367, the shivans returned to terran-vasudan space, launching a multipronged offensive against the GTVA through Capella and Altair. Though most could only see the scars left behind by the shivans, one man saw a gift that they had lost in the destroyers' wake. Now, in late 2369, you stand on the cusp of seeing this individual deliver the shivans' gift to the Alliance, but will it bring joy or misery?

Artifice is an eleven-mission sequel to Second Front. Artifice follows Second Front similarly to how FreeSpace 2 follows FreeSpace 1, in that you do not necessarily need to have played Second Front to enjoy Artifice, but knowledge from the earlier campaign will enhance your experience in the second. Additional information, screenshots, and download links can be found at the Artifice website.

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