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Hi! Please excuse English in this post. I had the campaigns spelling and grammer checked by freind who did a semester aboard in Cardiff, so it shouldnt be a problem their in actuall campaign.

I just am found FreeSpace 2 last month and plaid through main campaign, fsport, blue Planet, and Secondary Great war part 2. Not sure what my favorite is so far. I am liking it all. So I thought I make my own campaign!

Anyway in this campaign:

34 mission's
new ship's
realistic beleivabel caricatures
custom sound track to make excite
Set 2 yrs after Capella
You are sent through new Knosos to look for Bosch
Find out what happen to Bosch![/i]
Find out what Shivin's are and why they do what they@
Take war to Shivins home system's
SF Mara (Terran's) is now main space supremacy fighter in elite GTVA squadron's like your!


Copy all file's in rarchive to new directory called searchforbosch in freesapce 2 folder.

Fully test on 3.6.12 include debug

I hope you're like!!!!
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Download (52 MB)

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