AKBc Azoth

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Author: Droid803

Perhaps the most offensively-oriented ship ever encountered, the 2 kilometer long Azoth-class battlecruiser carries an impressive array of thirteen forward-mounted thermal lances. The Exarchy sorties the warship as a heavy strike element, utilising its fast-cycle transpace drive to carry out 'shock jump' tactics. The Commonwealth has lost several artillery cruisers to Azoth strikes, as they are capable of delivering a crippling assault the moment they warp in. The Azoth's flank defenses and support capability have never been truly tested, as Azoths are always well-escorted, though even their support ability seems to be offensively-oriented. Askaeldian-designed warships are nearly fully-automated - a single Askaeldian interfaces with the craft's onboard computer, controlling every aspect of the ship.

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