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Author: Topace


Rogues! tells a credible but intense storyline, told over the course of 8 missions (and two cutscenes). The missions are small scale, so there's no Battle of Endor, no Colossus, and no Shivans! This minicampaign is meant to follow the "simplicity is good" itinerary; both mission design and narration style reflect this.

The story takes place some time after the "domino effect" that elevated Bosch's rebellion into a considerable force.

The campaign is about three underworld figures: Jack, an assassin (the player character); Nicholas, an ex-special agent; and Alex, a thief. The campaign starts when Nicholas sneaks on board an NTF destroyer, but is discovered, and has to rely on Jack and Alex to bail him out. Nicholas returns with intelligence that promises a lot of wealth.

The story is retrospectively narrated by Jack, to an unidentified listener. The three types of briefing (Command, mission, debriefing) are his reflections, but the missions will be played through Jack's eyes, "as it happened."

Remember to play Rogues! with a new pilot file

The missions are deliberately short and difficult. There are two missions that are longer than the rest, but they are also easier.

MediaVPs 3.6.12 are recommended

Most tested difficulty settings: Easy and Medium

Recent nightly builds are recommended
AAAs in Rogues! don't penetrate shields, but have their damage increased

Known bugs

The last mission used to generate the "black hole of doom" bug. It looks fixed now, but there's no harm in placing a warning here.

The debug build compains that two .anis don't have LODs. Since I'm not an animator or an artist, I cannot fix this. This error has no impact on gameplay.

Acknowledgment goes to bigchunk1, who playtested and proofread the campaign.

Download (5 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 401