Axem's 2nd dump

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Author: Axem

GTFr Triton with destroyable arms (Textures currently messed up a bit, maybe just needs work in blender)
HTL Ganymede WIP (Obsolete!)
Malkron Cruiser, Some weird ship I made long ago that someone wanted
New Aeolus, some attempt at a next-gen Aeolus-like cruiser.
Newer High Poly Charybdis, now with 5000% more spikes
HTL GTCv Nike, originally made by PSYCHO
TCR: Greeble heavy cruiser
Terran Listening Post: Silly Arcadia type station with giant sensor panels
Trifury: A mix between a Starfury and a Minbari ship I guess...

Download (3 MB)

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