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Author: Ransom


Released: 26 July 2005
Last updated: 27 February 2008

Author: Ransom Arceihn
- Raa's Kelpie
- Nico's Legion
- Cobra's Plato

SCP required - 3.6.9 or later.


Only a few short months after the end of the Second Shivan Incursion, amongst the chaos of Capellan refugees and ever-heightening levels of piracy, mysterious things have been happening on the edge of GTVA space. Unexplained disappearances, strange rumours ...

Lieutenant Sunder Marcel never particularly enjoyed his assignment in the Luyten patrol. The pay wasn't bad, but this far from the central systems things got a little hazy. Nestled within asteroid belts and lurking over scarcely travelled supply lanes, it seemed there was always some desperate set of renegades waiting for their day's profit to come drifting by in poorly defended transport crates. The three pilots who jumped his convoy today, however, were not interested in money.

They need his help, and they're not prepared to take no for an answer. Already it's much too late to run; the landslide of events has long since started, and even now its dire effects are beginning to take hold. Things that were once clear now have no meaning, and reality is beginning to slip ...

Everyone has a limit ...

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