jTBLEdit v0.1a

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Author: m!m

As described in this thread I'm working on a Table editor with some neat features.
Major features are:
Syntax highlighting
Parsing of table files to generate a table outline
Documentation of table elements
Table to spreadsheet exporter (currently supported formats: CSV, XLS)
(limited) Content assist
Open tables out of VP files
A wizard to create table files with help of templates

To install download the main package and the associated QT libraries.
Extract the files to a folder (important: both zip have to be extracted into the same folder) and then start it by launching jTBLEdit.jar.
WARNING: This program is far from being finished and you might encounter bugs and even crashes.
Please report bugs in this thread but I'm also open to feature requests or general comments.

Download (3 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 555