Ridiculous v1.02

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Author: IronBeer

Overview: A few years after the Second Shivan Incursion, a recon and exploration team flying off of the GVD Minotaur stumble across something that will forever alter the future of the Alliance. Get drawn into something far beyond hope of control and face down some of the roughest odds this side of Gamma Draconis.

This mod is Ridiculous, and you should feel ridiculous while playing it.

Author: IronBeer

Required Build(s): 3.6.12 (Developed on an Inferno build, but should work fine on vanilla builds)

Required Mods:
-FreeSpace Open
-MediaVPs are highly recommended, not tested without them

Typical procedure. Extract the archive contents into your /Freespace directory, set Ridiculous as the active mod with your launcher, and rock on.

-Full voice acting, including 3 new pilot personas
-Several unique music tracks
-A couple unique head .anis
-Some (non-unique) custom ships
-Some new weapons. You might even get to use one or two!
-Developed on Medium difficulty, for those who care about those sorts of things

Download (89 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 610