HEF Blizzard Fighter v2.0

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Author: VengenceMkII

A mod resource of the Homeworld Empire Blizzard Fighter. The fighter is a Babylon 5 esque fighter with four wings and four engines but the similarities end there, with 4 wing mounted cannons and two nose mounted heavy blasters, the fighter's main armament is formidable. Even more dangerous is the fighter's many ample missile mounts, from the wing tip giant racks which are capable of mounting very large missiles and the wing internal mounts capable of fielding a sizable amount of normal missiles.

Be aware this is a RESOURCE. The coding is rough at best but the model and textures are final.
Additionally included are the original PSD resized to 2048x2048 to allow for upload limits and a 3DS Max 2009 and DAE format models so that the end user may edit the files at will.

However I DEMAND initial permission or notification of its use in a bigger mod. I would LIKE to know who is using my fighter for big projects.

Please read the Readme for more details.

Download (59 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 808