Vassago's Dirge

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Author: Axem


Number of Missions: 9 (6 completely playable, 3 cutscene/playable missions)

Build Required:

* 3.6.12 or newer

Mods required:

* MediaVPs, 3.6.12
* This mod will look for the mediavps in /mediavps_3612/ so ensure that's where your mediavps are!
* This mod will not work correctly if you don't have the mediavps. Sorry.

Mods included:

* New Ships (GTC Cretheus, GTI Polaris)
* New Music
* New HeadAnis
* Some other fun stuff!

Shortly after the Sathanas is destroyed, the GTVA begins an operation to take down a Ravana-class destroyer, the SD Vassago and its fleet. Meanwhile the Vassago begins an operation of its own. But for what purpose?

Installation Instructions
Extract the folder to your base FreeSpace2 directory. Peek inside to ensure it looks something like

..\FreeSpace2\Vassago's Dirge\

You should see the VPs and mod.ini in there.

Open up your FreeSpace open launcher, ensure your selected build is 3.6.12 or later. Select Vassago's Dirge as your mod.

Play and enjoy!

This campaign makes heavy use of not-very-loud music. I advise that before starting the campaign, you turn the Music volume to max and Effects to about half or 2/3s. Using builds with 3D sound may make it even harder to hear the music. I'm sorry, there's not much I can do without butchering the music.

It has been my (and some of my Beta Testers) experience that turning on the "Disable Vertical Sync" command flag will cause problems with camera fade in and possibly some of the synchronized music events. Please have that command flag turned off.

If your game appears to have frozen after a fade to white, it hasn't (at least I really really hope not). Just wait for the next level to load.

Known Issues
Text To Speech won't work with earlier versions of the campaign.

Download (85 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 526