Top Down Shooter: Release 2!

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Author: Spoon


So Axem and Redsniper were talking on IRC about a top down shooter idea for Freespace. I may or may not have been there at the same time.
Alpha 1
Like usual. (See what I did there?) and you have to save the princess or something equally silly. Doesn't really matter.
You just fly around shooting things, dodging things in all four directions and bringing down Axem's flagship. All that without seeing the inside of a cockpit.

Turns out there is actually a SECOND TDS mission. Who would have imagined that?
I certainly didn't
Frankly, I wonder where it came from.

If you thought the first mission was hard, then brace yourself to play with REAL POWER.
Turns out Hades stole the precious thing and he enlisted the 34th HLP squadron to try and get rid of the Heroic Alpha 1. YOU CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

Get to work.

Download (22 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 662