TF - 13 Kvasir Advanced Superiority Fighter v1.2

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Author: esarai

The Kvasir Advanced Superiority Fighter is a formidable machine designed around the principle that a good defense is a strong offense. To that end, the Kvasir carries 6 gun mounts and 1 expanded and highly compatible missile bay, giving it unrivaled tactical versatility and multi-role loadout capability. The shields on the Kvasir are incredibly strong, but the hull is thin. The engines mounted on this ship are intensely powerful. At standard speed, the Kvasir goes 113 m/s, rivaling the Manticore. It overclocks to 170 and afterburners push it to 225. To top everything off, the ship is maneuverable to a degree never before seen in terran craft.

All Kvasirs encountered are to be considered a class A threat.

Model, Texturing, Conversion and Packaging by Esarai

Download (4 MB)

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