Alcibiades Gamble - Demo (SCP)

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Author: AG Team


This is the Alcibiades Gamble Demo.



- Freespace Open
- 3.6.10 Official Release MediaVPs
- 7zip, WinRAR or similar extraction program.
- As of the demo release (February 2009) the opening cutscene has FRED2 SEXP issues with the latest Nightly Builds.
It is, however still compatible with any build, although minor problems will arise with said Nightly Builds. It's
not our fault, nor is it yours. Just pretend it's not there.

1) Installing the demo:

To install the Alcibiades' Gamble Demo simply extract the contents of the .RAR file using
any compatible extraction program into an appropriately named folder in your main Freespace directory.
Just the same as any other mod.

2) Playing the Demo:

Before you can play the demo you first need to select the mod in the Freespace Open launcher.
Once you have done that run Freespace and select the demo from the campaign room.
The demo consists of 6 playable missions and one in-game cutscene.

3) Once you Finish:

Please head over the Hard-Light forums to give us some feedback or to report any bugs that may have slipped

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for taking an interest in our little campaign.


Q. Who the hell is Alcibiades?

A. Alcibiades was Athenian statesman and military advisor in the Peloponnesian War. He switched his allegiances from Athens to Sparta, helping them fight against

Athens. After making enemies in Sparta, he leaves to join the Persians. For those still unsure, Alcibiades is supposed to mean Aken Bosch.

Q. What's Alcibiades' Gamble about?

A. Alcibiades' Gamble is the story of the NTF rebellion in and around Sirius. It is told from the point of view of the GTVA pilots who fought the war up until the start

of the FS2 main story. The story deals directly with the loss of all the systems to the NTF and the damage sustained up until the first fights of FS2 main.

Q. What do I need to play Alcibiades' Gamble?

A. Alcibiade's Gamble will require a 3.6.10 build. We recommend the latest nightly build.

Q. Are there any mods?

A. The demo contains a few minor graphical mods, including a gorgeous planet created by Rodo.

Q. Are there any Shivans?

A. Nope, Alcibiades' Gamble tells the the story of the NTF rebellion from the standpoint of GTVA pilots. The Shivans don't appear until FS2 Main.

Q. Are there any open positions on the AG team?

A. Of course! Please visit our website to see about open positions.

Q. I found a bug or error, what do I do?

A. Firstly, congratulate yourself. Secondly, post the error and solution if you know it in the public forum here.

Q. Isn't it "Alcibiades's"?

A. No, shut up. Lalala can't hear you.

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