GVJ Khonsu v0.9

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Author: Hawk_Eye

My first working model, a Vasudan Juggernaut with extremely basic modding skills

Still needs paths for its 6 Fighterbays and 2 Corvette Bays but I'm not sure if I will ever do them.....

It has 2 additional Vasudan Beams (FVas -> Fast Vasudan and LRBVas -> Long Range Big Vasudan)

Tech description:

"After the Capella incident Emperor Khonsu II proposed the construction of a new Colossus class vessel to the GTVA council. Terran government rejected the idea, arguing that they were involved in 2 Terran top priorities: The reconstruction of the Terran fleet, heavily affected by the NTF rebellion and the development and construction of a Portal to return to Sol. Unpleased, Khonsu II ordered his engineers to secretly focus on this task avoiding any Terran assistance. Vasudan officers came back with a new Juggernaut design, more powerful than the Colossus itself. The new design followed Shivan's forward beams configuration and was strongly based on the Sobek class corvette. Most important, Vasudan designers decided to use existing hulls of Hatshepsut destroyers under construction as main sections of the new ship. Under these conditions, the new Juggernaut was built in half the time the original Colossus took, even faster than what Khonsu II expected. Vasudan council decided to honour their emperor by naming this vessel after him. Only one of this ship is known to exist as the flag ship of the Vasudan Imperial Fleet, but there might be a few more under Vasudan confidential construction."

Download (801 KB)

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