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Author: Kyouryuu


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Stranded in deep space with a malfunctioning reactor, the Vasudans ask for help in repairing and defense the newly commissioned Hatshepsut destroyer, the GVD Nekhbet. Alpha and Beta Wings respond and take action. Nekhbet was the only FreeSpace 2 mission I've done so far, but it was certainly a smash hit in more ways than one. Not only did Volition Watch give it a five-star rating, but Volition Inc. thought highly enough of it to include it on their Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition of FreeSpace 2. It's pretty hard to top that, isn't it? Back when they had that contest, Nekhbet was one of the last missions to get included since I snail mailed my authorization for them to use it. At the time, I was once told that out of all of the missions submitted, Nekhbet needed the least amount of work to get added to the CD. Needless to say, I'm very proud of Nekhbet, even though I gave myself a tough act to follow.

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