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Author: Heat Em Up

Website: http://heatemup.co.uk/

Description from author's page:

The new 12 mission feast will feature 12 true to episode missions. All these missions are based on Babylon 5`s famous Battles and you take the hot seat as a star fury pilot, a ranger and a Narn pilot, you battle against various foes in order to ensure the safety of Babylon 5 and the universe. The foes you can expect to face during these missions are Presidents Clarks Forces, the Raiders, the Narn, the Drakh, the Dilgar and the Centauri, the shadows and some custom races for ships we do not have which where in the b5 epsiodes. All 12 missions are action packed and remain true to the show with the exception of 2 missions. In the episode "A view From The Gallery" a strong unknown alien race threatens Babylon 5, since these aliens are not available in TBP we have decided to use custom ships to give that alien feel. The only other mission to change race to that of its episode counterpart is based on the episode "A Voice In The Wilderness". This is where an exiled ship previously from the planet beneath Babylon 5 "Epsilon 3" returns to reclaim custody of their former planet . The ship has been replaced once again due to the required ship not being available, we have opted to use a custom warship as this type of ship has similar firepower and as a single ship can hold its own against multiple targets. All the other missions will be true to the episodes such as "Signs & Portents", "And Now For A Word", "Severed Dreams" and "Fall of Night", "The Long Twilight struggle", "shadow Dancing", "In The begining", "The Battle of the Line", "Points of departure and Distant Star. This mission pack has all the original voice overs from the show, it gives an atmospheric feel as you take the hot seat and do battle outside Babylon 5 and in popular episode Battles. This mission pack is Thursday 7th August 2008.

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