Long Range Capital Ship Turrets

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Author: James777

This is a little MOD that gives capital ships a weapon to strike at fighters and bombers while they are still at extreme ranges. I developed this MOD because capital ships are almost totally defenseless versus enemy fighters and bombers equipped with the ultra-long range Maxim cannon. A player can sit happily out of range of the vessel's defenses at 3000 meters and take their time picking off all the turrets without being in danger themselves. Once the turrets are all down, the player can move in for the kill without having to dodge the defenses. I attempted to give a capital ship its own Maxims to deal with this, but the weapon's inherent lack of shield damaging ability decreased its effectiveness against hostile fighters and bombers severely. This weapon gives capital ships a defense against such tactics. The LR Terran Turret and LR Shivan Turret both have ranges greater than the Maxim. Their rates of fire are faster than normal but not quite as fast as the Maxim, also their projectile speed is quite high but still not up to that of the Maxim. The LR Terran Turret does the same amount of damage as the normal Terran Turret, the LR Shivan Turret's damage has been reduced to be equal to that of the LR Terran Turret to compensate for its longer range and better speed.

I did not make this, Ice Heart did.

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