Renegade Resurgence

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Released on: 6th July, 2004
Number of missions: 29 campaign missions, including 2 SOC missions + 2 standalone missions
Mods used:

* GTF Valkyrie
* GTGs Antwerpen
* GVC Somtus
* GTI Samson

All included in release

Website and download: Link
FreeSpace version required: SCP, optimized for release 3.6. Vanilla FreeSpace is not guaranteed to work(In theory, it should).
After the incident at Capella, the GTVA begins a large construction project at the Altair sector to learn more about the ancient civilization in the hopes those new discoveries may aid them in the war with the Shivans. But the project was not proceeding as planned, pirate activites are halting the constructions. It is time to send armed forces to stop the pirate strikes. The GTVA is facing an even larger enemy than they had expected. . .

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