Into the Halls of Valhalla

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In development since: 2002
Completion: 28-10-2006??

* TopAce: Project Leader, Plot editing, FREDder, tabler
* Thor: Ex-project leader
* Lady Rose (Miburo): Ex-adviser, ex-FREDder
* Pren: Plot writing
* Admiral Nelson: Grammar checker

Estimated time of completion Summer, 2005
Mods included:

* GTF Apollo
* GTC Olympus
* GTI Bretonia


Into the Halls of Valhalla (ITHOV) is a subsequent campaign to the community-wide known Derelict. The player's character is Commander Wesley McCrae, who gets reassigned to the Tania Australis system after being caught on espionage. McCrae gets ace wingmen, who are also banished from the core GTVA worlds. Initially, they face off a pirate organization, but later in the series of missions, it turns out that the GTVA faces off three enemies at once, all of them are also engaging each other.

The precedents of ITHOV are explain in Police Action, a four-mission-long minicampaign that is the official "Demo" for the main campaign.

Into the Halls of Valhalla requires FreeSpace Open. The missions were tested in the July 27, 2006 build. Older builds might also be able to run ITHOV, but I cannot guarantee that all missions work as they should. It is recommended that you use the July 27, 2006 (or newer) build to play the campaign.

The Campaign has been released. Look on the link below to download it.

Download (2 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 1359