Just Another Day - Special Edition

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Author: Axem

Website: http://www.axemspace.com/

Today was like any other day. The birds were singing, the sky was blue. Then came tomorrow...



Alpha 1, newly recruited to the GTVA. Your lifetime experience handling such unknown craft as the TIE Fighter and the Ferret puts you incharge of the great Alpha Wing.

It is now time for your very first assignment. Loads of spam are hurting everybody in the GTVA, their mailboxes are too large for GMail2, bandwidth is so slow, it takes an hour to download 100TB. Truely dark times. Fight off the forces of darkness and free your mailbox from the cluches of EEEEEEEVIIIIIIIL!

Get ready to see the following things in random order in 6 action packed missions!

* plotholes!
* copyright infringements!
* references to Disco Music!
* the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK!
* God*!
* unexpected twist ending!

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